Wednesday, May 9, 2012

29 Faces In May...

As far as I am concerned the paint is the person.
I want it to work for me just as flesh does.

Face # 7
This is where I left off yesterday... a quick sketch with colored pencils. 

I went back with yellow and green acrylic paints and filled in her face.

MINI 4" X 4" CANVAS- completed 
Face # 7

Working on sketch # 8

This sketched is drawn on vintage book paper.
I always adore the transparency of text with watercolors. 
I am looking forward to seeing how this painting evolves...
Honestly, I work in the moment.
Capturing a thought, feeling, an interest, or a word... then run with it!! 

How about you...
What is it that gets you to become apart of your paint? 

Happy Wednesday!