Wednesday, May 9, 2012

29 Faces In May...

As far as I am concerned the paint is the person.
I want it to work for me just as flesh does.

Face # 7
This is where I left off yesterday... a quick sketch with colored pencils. 

I went back with yellow and green acrylic paints and filled in her face.

MINI 4" X 4" CANVAS- completed 
Face # 7

Working on sketch # 8

This sketched is drawn on vintage book paper.
I always adore the transparency of text with watercolors. 
I am looking forward to seeing how this painting evolves...
Honestly, I work in the moment.
Capturing a thought, feeling, an interest, or a word... then run with it!! 

How about you...
What is it that gets you to become apart of your paint? 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful work April. For me paint and colours are just a part of me and my life, and mostly visible on my fingers, too! Valerie

    1. Hello Valerie :]
      I seem to find paint on my clothing...
      I am realizing, that I am running out of things to wear that don't have a spot off paint on them somewhere!!!
      I am blessed, a painter life. ((sigh))

  2. April, those yellow flowers with the black and white are so beautiful... it always amazes me how quickly the art improves when it's done on a daily basis. This "29 faces" series is really something else. i love it. Obviously, capturing a thought or a feeling and running with it is working for you! Just keep doing what you're doing and i'll be satisfied. :-) xoxo

  3. Thank you, Pauline!! :]
    Such wonderful words of encouragement... ((big hugs))
    I've got 21 more Faces to go.
    It will be interesting to see the growth in certain areas.

  4. I'm in awe of your paintings! I really don't paint that much except putting paint here an there on collages. I'm usually painting with my fingers!

  5. My first paint love was watercolour - I had progressed to a point where I didn't even think about the paint too much I think I actually "felt" it. I was a part of it without realizing it - it had become inherent.

    My current love is acrylic - being played out in my altered book journals - this is a different story. I am in the learning stages and it is not coming naturally. There are brief fleeting moments though - when I stop thinking too hard - and actually "feel" the paint and the process....such a good feeling indeed!

    love the flowers in #7's hair and her lllluscious lllllips!!

  6. Hello Karenann! :]
    So glad your are enjoying your visit here, during my 29 Faces Challenge.
    Thank you for all your inspiring words. ((hugs))

  7. Hello Emily! :]
    Thank you... enjoy the series.
    Yes, "feeling" the paint in your fingers, really brings you closer to the painting you are creating. (just my thoughts)
    I enjoy your company, come by anytime...

  8. Wow! I love #7!! Just beautiful April! bravo!

    1. Thank you... Fran! ((hugs))
      Enjoy the series.
      Love what you are doing, for your 29 Faces In May too. Great work. :]

  9. I love her! the flowers in her hair are fun and I love that too.

    1. Hi Jamie!
      So glad you stopped by for a visit, enjoy the series. :]
      Thank you for your encouragement!!

  10. This is great, I love the look you got with this face. Challenges like these are always great, they really let you stretch.

    1. Hello Kate!
      So wonderful of you to stop by for a visit. :]
      Enjoy the 29 Faces In May series.
      I agree... love "stretching!"
      Take care.

  11. Oh, she is one of my favourites so far ... such wonderful colours and I love the composition.