Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving Forward...

Progress lies not in enhancing what is,
but in advancing towards what will be. 

29 Faces In May

Looking ahead...
We are just about, half way through the month of May, which is exciting to me. 
I've completed 10 paintings so far... 
I am very determined to continue the series! 
With taking the weekend off...
I will need to catch up, stay focused, keep the "mojo" alive,
continue the process. 
In order to stay on track, 
my goal is to complete 4 Faces today!
Something I have noticed about myself...
If I get behind, I tend to loose interest with process. 
I do not abandon the artwork, just set it aside for a later time.
This clearly causes a collection of uncompleted work. 
I really need to work on this.
How about you...? 
This is what I am working on so far, sketch #11 and #12.
Wish me luck!

Wishing you a great start, to a great week... 
Happy Monday!