Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Work in Progress...

29 Faces In May... this makes # 2

A  watercolor sketch... with a splash of blue!

Gathered up some vintage paper and music sheets.
I will use this to create her hair. 

I do not think she will object!

As I was working on this sketch a few things came to mind...
I see the color blue and think of breathing, the ocean and purity.
Also, why I am working in watercolors? 
Working on vintage paper is difficult enough. 
Then applying watercolors can create even a bigger challenge.
Thoughts to ponder... 
I just might discover something new about myself.

She is wet and waits patently to dry. 

(click tab at top for complete series of 29 Faces)

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. i love this... i'm such a sucker for ANYTHING painted on words or sheet music. :-) I really love the acrylic flowers too, in your other post. Your take on the blue, and purity...and learning something about yourself was interesting to me. (art always teaches us something, doesn't it?) These are wonderful faces. Have a great week April! xoxo

    1. Hello Pauline... so wonderful of you to visit, love your company! :]
      Thank you for ALWAYS noticing, those "little" things about me. ((hugs))
      Enjoy my series - 29 Faces In May.

  2. She's lovely. The watercolor on the paper is such a great effect--so soothing and tranquil. You're off to a great start! xx

    1. Hi Lorinda... thank you for your encouragement!! ((hugs))
      Always a pleasure to hear from you...
      Enjoy my series - 29 Faces In May. Sit back and enjoy the ride... we are going to have fun!!!!! :]

  3. Beautiful, you are evidently having fun! Keep it up! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Awww.... thank you Valerie!
      You are such a wonderful "rooter" :]
      Enjoy your visit and my series - 29 Faces In May.

  4. Wow I like this alot and I love the color blue!

    1. Hello Fran. :]
      Thank you for your sweet comments...
      Coming from, who I consider, the "watercolor queen" herself... that is extra special to hear! ((hugs))
      Glad you like my watercolor faces.

  5. Hello Janet!
    Thank you... enjoy your visit :]

  6. I love seeing your work in progress - thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Jackie! :)
      Thank you very much...
      This is going to be an interesting journey, enjoy watching the process & progress. (hugs))