Monday, May 7, 2012

On A Smaller Scale...

29 Faces In May

Better late... than never, I always say!
A late night post...

Sketch # 5 and # 6
are created using 4" x 4" mini canvases.

Face # 5
Frida Kahlo

I feel this painting still needs a little more work... 

Face # 6
Is completed with all the elements I wanted to apply. 
To add anything more... would create a overwhelming effect!
A "busy" feeling. 

Working with these mini canvases allows me to continue 
on the same theme of sketching faces, 
but on a different scale.
I need that. 
As an artist, I am discovering... 
It is a must to have a variety of mediums to work and play with.
I will lose interest and soon my "mojo" will run dry! 

Something for all of us to think about...
It is not so much we can not create.
As to what inspires us to get our fingers dirty with paint! 

Happy Monday!