Monday, April 28, 2014

available light

these days... 
I am chasing the natural lighting in my studio. 
This painting is far from being complete.
As the only invitation a find attractive to "getting my art on" in the sunlight that appears through the window for a short period of time. 

"Hello, sunshine!" my soul appears alert and eager to create... 
This painting is defiantly evolving. 
Nothing like what I started to portray, the story line keepings changing. 
I also have been working with "out of the usual" color scheme for me. 
This does not make me feel uncomfortable or out of place. 
I ask myself why? 
because these days... I FEEL ANYTHING BUT COMFORTABLE or in place. 
I am finding this out, as I am totally present, productively painting this canvas.
I live outside myself. 
The person that is seen by others is judged, mistreated, and disliked by the impact this chronic illness has had on their selfish lives. 

Boy, what a story this painting will have to tell once it is completed. 

It is a shame, I have feelings too.  
Tomorrow another day. Another day of available light. 

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