Monday, April 21, 2014

wrapping myself in color...

 pocketbook- art project 
Where you will find me these days... all wrapped up in color. 
Creating fun, artful projects for the pure joy and happiness it brings me. 
The thought of, "because I can!" comes to mind. 
No pressure. 
No rules.
With this state of mind, comes a certain "freedom".
It reflects in our artwork, don't you think? 
This pocketbook project will be shared among our art community HERE 
for an exciting event being scheduled this month. 
As we exchange our talents within the group, we also are building friendships.
Amazing right? 
Playing with paper, paint and making friends along the way... 
Life is beautiful, life is full of color. 
materials used:
recycle envelopes- junk mail
painted paper
rubber stamps
acrylic paint 
glue stick 
wrap yourself in color. 

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