Thursday, May 1, 2014

rambles from an artist...

another day 
This painting has moved me in a completely different direction. 
Honestly, I have no idea where I am headed with this either. 
The whole concept of me painting this canvas was to discover the direction I am headed.
There is some really deep thoughts in those layers, trust me. 
I find it very interesting, watching how some artists can produce a wonderful painting
in one sitting. 
Yes... I can too. I am not sure if there is much meaning to it.
It is a project said and done, but where is the message?
The hidden story? The visual depth of emotion?
I am not searching for one here, it is more of a "gathering"... 
a collection of thoughts, events that have taken place recently, and using natural light as my resource. 
This in its own right will become the story.
The tag just happen to cross my path. 
My thoughts on this are, do we make meaningful art? 
Are we willing to part will those pieces of work, that we have put so much time and effort into creating?
Even better question... what about the paintings, like this one here, that have some emotional attachment to. 
Can or will I be willing to part with it? How about you? 
Maybe, just maybe... you need to part with the painting to deliver a message.
At the time of painting, it is moving energy. Alive. 
The energy stops once the painting is complete... is it still alive? 
If the story is seen differently by the individual does this bring it back to life? 

I know, this is going way off the chart here... but I am just rambling. 

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