Monday, April 7, 2014

How about a little tea with your mail...??

mail art envelope- full of mixed media goodness!
theme tea cups & tiara's 
This month The Team from Altered Pages is promoting two incredible sites, 
I wish to share- and
We were asked to create mail art with this theme. 
Tea. Mail. Art. 
I'm in... now onto the art part. Enjoy. 
Layers of distressed inks, acrylic paint, stamping, charcoal pencil shading, watercolor, wash tape, and collage elements... these envelopes were up through the test. 
Held up well and made it through the entire process. 
I had an amazing time creating these mail art pieces.
Honestly... can you find ANYTHING more exciting than mail art?

~ In the end, throwing together some yummy layers of texture using paints, stamps, 

and of coarse my favorite collage sheets from makes any day, a great day for tea!


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