Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh I Wish... for a handmade gift!

Pay It Forward 2012 Project *
Erin Keane
Is the host of Pay It Forward
Erin explains how this project is stemmed from a 
Facebook challenge, which took place at the beginning of the New Year for 2011.
You can read about it here as she explains how the process of "pay it forward" came about.
I also, had the great opportunity of participating in this last year of 2011.
It was very inspiring!
I received all five handmade gifts.
Created and crafted by very talented, beautiful artful souls.
I made new friends along the way!
Which I am, still in contact with, to this very day.

I also want to give credit to 
Who is always so willing to share and inspire others with her 
art, thoughts, tutorials, and links to such projects/swaps as this one right here.
Thank you!

Creating art and sharing our talents with others who are like minded...
has a very powerful and inspiring effect on us all.

Care to join me, here's how it works: rules

Want to participate, please leave a comment on this post.
The first three people who whole heartily, are willing to commit to the project
will receive a small handmade artful gift from me!!

Post this project on your blog / website.
Gather three new participants .
Be willing and able to "Pay It Forward" by sending out your gift!

** Please link to this original post **
I, in turn, will include a link to your post 
so that we can follow the project from its origin.

Now, that you have made your decision.
Committed to the project.
Posted your comment.
Created your own very own post of the project to your site.

Email me 
Your full name and mailing address
 Date of when you will be posting your announcement of the project.
A Link to the post as well.

I will be sending you...
a heartfelt, handmade gift created by me!!
In turn, give (small, simple, heartfelt) handmade gifts to your participants.

Let the create joy grow exponentially!!

Will you be the first?

  1. Bonita Rose
  2. Theresa
  3. Lindsay

*No worries... once you have notified me I will place you name and link to your site.

Happy Thursday to you!


  1. Count me in, you know I'll be doing this... I will email you! xo Love your art April!

  2. Looking forward to spreading the "art love!", Bonita :]

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  4. I thought I better include my website since it's not with blogger. I'm at You will see the repost there.

  5. Hey April,

    Is there still a spot left? :) If so, do you ship worldwide?


  6. I guess I should ask the same question. I'm in Canada. Would that be okay?

  7. CONGRATS!!!! on everyone for joining the fun! Good luck with your own branch of the project, I can't wait to see how far this goes. We have the power to touch so many people with beauty and handmade love ;) Best, Erin Keane from art-is-try (

  8. Hi April, thank you so much for the package that I received in the mail today. The envelope was so cheery among the boring bills. Thank you for the lovely card and the kit of tags and papers. Small precious goodies that I really enjoyed receiving.

    I am still looking for my three and had to change my blog address so I just wanted to include the url to the post.

    Have a happy day!