Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Link Love

Enjoy your visit... and these delightful links.

**  Soup Box Canvas **
Created by: Alma Stoller at
Free Tutorial

**  Books **
Book and Journals

Created by artist: DJ Pettitt

Collage Work
As a collage artist,  DJ Pettitt creates such wonderful pieces.
Artist: DJ Pettitt

**  Art + Journal **
 Simply breathtaking, enjoy visiting her site.

 Created by: Junelle Jacobsen ~ JJ


**  Chunky Art Journal **
Created by: Georgina Ferrans 
This artist walks you through her incredible journal 
page by page, photo by photo.

Also, if you are interested in any of Georgina's work 
visit her shop

**  Mini Stamp Book **
Click Here *

**  Silhouettes **
Free Tutorial
For more tutorials at this site click here .

**  Art Journals **
Little notebooks lying around.
Created by: artist Marieke Blokland

She has the cutest art journaling videos...

Happy Friday!


  1. As always, lots of great links to explore. You find such good stuff!

  2. Thank you Ladies... enjoy the inspiration! ((hugs))

  3. April, thank you SO MUCH for these wonderful links! I know what i'm doing tonight. :-)
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog as well... coming from someone as creative as you are, they mean the world to me.
    So glad we met. xoxo

  4. Great links! I love the mini-stamp book...I bookmarked it as a possible future project (along with the other 1126 items I have bookmarked!)

  5. Thank for the post and all the great links. I am going to grab a cup a tea this weekend and take a look at these! ooh I like those silhouettes!

  6. Pauline, always a pleasure... ((hugs)) :]
    Enjoy the links, there is always room to explore and play with art. (heheeheee)

  7. You're so cute, Andria! :]
    WOW... 1126 bookmarks!! I didn't even know a computer could hold so many, enjoy. ((hugs))

  8. Hello Fran :]
    So glad to stopped by for a visit, always enjoy your company! ((hugs))