Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mail Art...

Makes me very happy!
doesn't everybody... 
get super excited when there is something artful in their mailbox?

Let me give you the grand tour.
This is where all my "happy mail" comes from...

It is so delightful.
To reach my hand in there and pull out "mail art".
It ranges from day to week...
from all over the world...
the envelopes, everyone is getting so creative!
Love it all.
They are a work of art!!
Almost a shame, to rip open at times.

Let me share with you...
some of the things that surround me, as I make my way to the mailbox.

My mini birdie flag.
I adore birds as you can tell.

You betcha!!!
The American Flag.
I've have a long list of family members who have severed this country.
Also to include... 
My Husband, a Marine who served in The Vietnam War.
My Son, A Combat Engineer, in the Army, served in Iraq.

I made this hanging rooster, years ago.
All out of found scrap wood.
With all the moving I have done, over the years...
There are a few things, I refuse to leave behind! 

I simply adore my Tin Man.
The pie tin hat, serves as a feeding tray for the birds.
My Husband is trimming our front tree right now...
so he is just relaxing in my 
bright yellow Adirondack Chair!

And, right on the front porch, by the foot of our door is...
These Lady Bug Rocks!
I got these rocks years ago, at the beach, painted them with oil paints.
The "smile face"
my daughter made out of a ball of pottery clay.
It is simple but sweet, I think!

I am colorful from the inside out!
I do hope you enjoyed the tour.

I have received some wonderful "mail art".
By incredibly talented artist.
I will be sharing and posting about it all very soon!

I am very grateful for everyone... 
who has sent me a piece of their artwork
 are willing to shared their talents with me.

Something very magical happens...
when you share a common interest, 
something you feel very passionate about...

A friendship!
develops along the way.


  1. I adored this post April! Thank you so much for sharing. It's always nice to see little glimpses of my blogging friends real worlds...we are so much more than just people here on the computer screen. I love, love, love....MADLY love the tin man. I have a vintage dart board that used to hang about my work table in my old studio space. This morning I had the idea to attach some decorative legs to it and repurpose it as a little side table for my new house :)

  2. Thank you, Jane!
    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit here today. :]

  3. I am madly in love with your tin man too. I love seeing how u live your life. Love it... such a fun post to read.. xo hugs love to you today!

  4. Your tin man is fabulous. I want my own tin man now. :)

  5. Can the TIn Man come live at my house or the lady bug rocks would look great in my garden. Such a lovely post.

  6. Thank you ladies... glad you enjoyed the tour! :]
    Yes, the Tin Man is priceless, had him for years...

  7. What a charming post! I particularly like you tin man and the lady bug and smiley stones.