Monday, December 5, 2011

It Is A Phenomenon!

A Collaborated Phenomenon of...
why not call it that and have some fun?!

I am still in the healing process, 
over the chain of events that took place last month.
 I thank you all for your support...
encouraging words, thoughts of inspiration, and prayers.

If you have been keeping up with my posts; 
I participated in the AEDM Challenge.

 And what a challenge it was!!
Being accountable to create art everyday; 
when all I really wished to do, was crawl under a rock
wait for the storm to blow over!! 
I know that does not do anybody any good...
It was just where I was at with my life, at that moment.
We all have our weak moments!
It is not my charter to feel self pity...
so, I made a decision to create. 
Create something, anything... something small.
"I got it!"
And that... was how it all began.
My healing process through art.

Now wait...
the story does not end there!
The process continues...

The healing through creating art remains...

As I listen to my inner voice.
Giving myself time and patience...

To mend by broken wings...
to become strong again.

30 Days / 30 ATC's
winter theme

Happy Monday!


  1. All your ATCs look great! I love the ones done on corrugated cardboard.

  2. Thank you, Janet!
    Working with corrugated cardboard is fun :]

  3. Your work is SO COOL!! i love your art. The cardboard is fabulous!! Can't remember finding you on AEDM, but I'll certainly be following you from now on...
    happy CED! xoxo

  4. U are so loved April.. remember that.. I adore you.. and all your atcs are fabulous.. U are so gifted... and I for one am so so happy u are a part of my life. xo

  5. I've been meaning to ask you, how do you display your ATC's? Flat ones could easily be put in baseball card holders, but not your three-d ones. They are all beautiful!

  6. Yes it does... Daisy! :]
    Thank you for stopping by. *hugs*

  7. Yes, Karenann... great tip on the baseball card holders.
    I ordered them through Amazon, fantastic deal too :]
    I just wrap the 3-D cards in parchment paper, till I come up with an idea (heheeheee) Thanks for asking.
    Take care *hugs*

  8. Oh, Bonita... you are so dear to me! oxox
    Thank you for stopping by for a visit. :]