Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspirational Prompts #1

* My gift to you *
I wanted to give something back 
to all the wonderful people... 
who have touched my soul in one way or another!

I wish to "sprinkle" your life with...
For every day of this week, up till Christmas.
Nourish your eye and spirit with inspiring things.
They wil bloom with your tending. ~ SARK

 Prompts *
All you have to do is show up to my blog...
I might take you to a website, 
share a few books I have on my bookshelf,
show you a video,
 post photos of things that "make you feel "artsy",
or play you some music.

Have an open mind...
try to find something in each
inspirational prompt
that interests you, personally.
Enjoy the process, we are all on an artful journey!
Wish to share?
I encourage you to leave a comment, please.

I suggest having your journal or note cards handy!
 Something might "spark" your creativity,
 give you something to reflect upon later,
perhaps... a quote, you wish to use in your artwork.

Remember... to have fun and enjoy!
It is my gift to you this Holiday season.

* Glad No Matter What *

Have a wonderful Monday...
filled with gladness!


  1. What a nice idea, April! You are so good at bringing us inspirational "food for thought"!

  2. Thank you, Andria!
    So glad you dropped by for a visit. *hugs* :]