Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday's Lovely Links

Enjoy your visit... and these delightful links.

mini art journal *
created by Emily Falconbridge

Enjoy visiting her at Life is Art

Rob Ryan *
The making of The Heathrow Christmas card
Simply amazing... so beautiful.
Such a wonderfully talented artist!

Composition Book Art Journal

Created by Ashley of

for all the details on how to create your very own.

Tutorial *
Mini Souvenir Journal

Created by Hope Karney of
She shares how to create this fun
 mini keepsake journal.  
Hope suggests... how fun it would be to create one
 for your Christmas morning!
What a great idea!! *
click here for details and the video.

Inspirational Prompt #5
As we are approaching December 25th;
between wrapping presents, baking goodies, and entertaining...
 which can feel overwhelming.
Give yourself permission to be creative!
 Make something "artful".
A gift to yourself!
I am going to be creating one of these 
mini keepsake journals today.
This will be perfect for
"Grand baby's First Christmas"
(will post photos)



  1. Love the links April! And omg.. that cup, your first photo.. I have two of those in my kitchen! Love them! xo love love you!

  2. Merry merry that fudge looks so yummy!! You always link to the most coolest things!! Right up my alley!!
    Honing to Chicago tonight to see all the decor!! Fun !!

  3. Fabulous always! That Heathrow card is pretty amazing.

  4. So many great ideas!!! Too little time! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. So glad you ladies stopped by for a visit, enjoy! :]
    Always love the company.
    Merry Christmas *hugs*