Friday, August 19, 2011

Yesterday's Run Through Town

Coupeville, WA.
Such a lovely day...
to go for a run on the Island.
The air is fresh and clean...
whether is great...
the sea is just below my feet!

Look at these colorful homes along the side of the pier 
Old Town Coupeville.

Once the fog rolled back...
the Island is ever so beautiful!

So, I decided to go on a run.

Coming for the city...
I've never seen so many trees!

Sweet and simple life...

People are very artistic on the island.

fresh berries, right off the vine!

Of course...
a beautiful sunset to end a wonderful day!

Today we are off to 
Casey's Crafts
(art store)

They have a full range of art and craft supplies
 art classes for kids/adults.
I am pretty excited to visit this store!
Right next to this art store is a hardware store...
so my husband can go do his own thing.
And I... 
can take my time looking at all
the "eye candy" available here!

Happy Friday!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great trip! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Eye candy, yippee!! You saw some amazing sites on your run - can't wait to see how it influences your work!!

  3. What a lovely post that run must of had lots of stops for the photos ;0) i love the pictures you have taken looks like a lovely place to live ;0) and super clever to have a hardware & craft store together ;0)

  4. Thank you ladies... I am having a wonderful time, and I really enjoy sharing my vacation along with everyone!! <3

  5. Fantastic photos! I feel like we're there with you. (I wish we were...looks like fun!) You'll have to show us what you picked up at Casey's!

  6. Amazing pics and I wonder what you bought at the candy store LOL!