Friday, April 1, 2011

The Courage to Fly Blog Hop

Blog Hop
Hosted by 
Stephey Baker
What a beautiful soul she has and I am honored to participate in
The Courage to Fly Blog Hop
Along with over 30 inspiring women sharing their stories 
how they find the courage to fly.

So sit back... relax... and enjoy what message my heart is eager to share!

Follow your heart...
Trust in yourself...
Be driven by passion...
Believe in your dreams...
Listen to your inner voice...
Honor your uniqueness...
Never give up.

I am talking to you!
As women we feel the need to uphold the "nurturing" status.
We bring life to the world yet, we sometimes don't live life ourself. 
We are the caregivers, and are willing to put everything and everyone first...
 before ourself and our very own needs, dreams, passions, or accomplishments.
Yes, as women... we tend to take on many, many roles.
Guilt can rule our world, but we do not have to allow it in.
We can give ourself permission to be creative.
Honor yourself and know you own the right to...
 dream big 
run with your passion!

I want to share a very personal story.
From the moment I could hold a crayon in my hand...
I knew...
I wanted to be an artist.
 My whole purpose in life, was to color the world!
My dad said to me, at a very early age...
"If your going to work, make sure you work at being an artist."
I took that to heart!
And honestly... every job I've ever had, had something to do with art.
Even in your younger years, when I held down three jobs... one was as a tattoo artist. 
I knew the importance of education, earned a degree in art and 
have spent over 15 years teaching others the seven elements of art.
A very rewarding job.
I've had my ups and downs just like everyone else.
In the past, I've had to put being creative and making art aside, not by choice.
Yet, I always seem to find my way back...
to my
 true self...
creative being as a whole.

In closing...
my heart wishes to leave you with these lasting thoughts;
You owe it to yourself to live out for dreams...
You have the ability to achieve your goals...
Separate your "nurturing" status  from your creative self...
Allow time to discover, play, and nurture your artistic abilities...
And, above all
spread your wings and fly!
all it takes is a little courage...
which I know you already have.


  1. You are so right... as creatives, what are we waiting for? hugs xo

  2. Beautiful, thanks for sharing your heart felt words!

  3. As a mother of three boys, I can certainly relate to being creative sitting on the side lines while I raised my children. As they got older, I started incorporating it back into my life...and it is amazing what it does for me!

    You are right - it does always find it's way back into your life. It's one of those voices that whispers lovingly in your ear until you listen.

    If I'd only realized earlier (and I'm sure I'm not alone) that taking care of myself first would make me better at taking care of them. Nourishing my soul would spill over into theirs.

    Thank you for sharing, April...lovely, lovely thoughts & encouragement!!

  4. Inspiring post, April, and I love that quotation by e.e. cummings--it's always been a favorite of mine!

  5. Thank you to all that stopped by for a visit. I do hope you enjoy your time while you are here :]

  6. Great post! It is so easy to put all of that aside to nurture forgetting that we need to nurture our own souls in order to be able to give to those around us on a whole level! Thanks for the reminder to go for our dreams..

  7. SO SO HAPPY for this new venture you have taking on - definitely suite you!

  8. I love the e.e. cummings quote!
    Yes, it does take courage, and hard work, but you are right, we always find our way back to our true selves when we muster up that courage.

  9. It's funny how women constantly have to battle guilt. Too much time focused on their work, not enough on their families, not enough on their friends, etc. I love the idea of letting that go!

  10. Thank you for this lovely reminder... I keep putting everyone and everything before me... and keep forgetting that I should listen more to my creative heart...