Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Draws Us Near...

Ever Notice... we are drawn to what we can identify?
Weather it is something personal, or by an experience; the attraction is there.

Frida Kahlo * 
 I feel a real connection with this artist; 
for her WELL KNOWN EXPRESSIVE paintings and her pain. 

To share will you my artwork for the day...

I created these business card holders
from you guess it a...

So, whenever I am working with using Frida Kahlo as my subject, 
It is very personal to me.

Mini Journals *
Color and books.
I just can not... EVER seem to get enough of either one!!

There is nothing more satisfying than creating your very own.

I was so thrilled to find the time, to finish up on these wonderful mini journals.
If you are interested in creating some of your very own
(There is a link to the video on this post)
So tell me... what draws you near?

Happy Tuesday!