Monday, January 30, 2012

Mini Journal

Okay, I have to admit.
I was sidetracked...
Didn't stay focused on what I was wishing to accomplish for the day...

I am a sucker for three things:
* Creating artful things out of reusable items. (recycle, reuse, recreate)
* Books of any kind! (book hoarder) 
* Anything colorful (makes me happy)

Mini Journal 
Created from recycled greeting cards.

Over the weekend, as I was visiting my favorite blogs...
I came across this fantastic video
on using your old greeting cards to create a mini journal.

Thank you 
** Jennibellie **

I fell in love with this idea... so clever.
It literally took me minutes to make and there was no sewing involved!

Enjoy watching Jenny's video tutorials

Out of just a few cards 
I was able to make this mini journal.
This will be used in my BOD journal. 

Happy Monday!