Monday, February 20, 2012

What Fuels Your Fire?

** GOOD QUESTION, right... **
Call it whatever you wish... inspiration, your drive, or your creative passion!
We all have it, live it, or wake up wanting it.
What better way to start out this week, than to share with you this incredible video. 
Danielle LaPorte

What lights your FIRE...?
Pre-order now. This will be released on April 17th. Gift yourself or put it on your wish list.
I am gifting myself, with this book, as of today, it has been pre-ordered!

I CAN NOT WAIT... I will keep you posted and if you wish post a book review.

** Thank you **
 for everyone wishing me well!
Knowing others care, really can cheer you up. 
Means a lot to me...  having your support during these times, 
when I have no control over my health issues. 
I am still working on my tag collection...
As I stated in an earlier post, working with smaller pieces of art allows me to heal.

Working within a smaller space...
gives me that permission to slow it down.

I do know for some, this is more challenging....
For me, it is the little things in life that are important, and creating on a smaller scale 
is a reflection of that.

I did mention, creating an altered box to store all these tags.

Far from completion... but I did wish to share!

I used torn pieces of masking tape to cover the whole project.
I want to give this altered box a real textured affect.

Happy Monday!