Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday- What do you wish for the world?

I wish... for us all, to embrace our beautiful Mother Earth. 
For us to treat her (our world) as a whole.
For all to understand...
we are sharing this planet, we call "earth".
That what happens at one end of the world, effects us all.
No matter how far the distance, what faith we might hold,
wherever belief system we live, talents, riches, or possessions we might own...
We are all human beings sharing one planet!
Mother Earth 
provides us will everything we need to live... let us honor and respect her gifts.
Let us respect one another... there is enough to go around.
This is a wonderful world we live in 
let us all treat her, ourself, and others right!

May the sun, moon, and stars, bless you and all you love.
May Mother Earth cradle you in her arms and protect you.
Always tend to go in peace, allow laughter to mend wounds,
leave behind love to follow.
What do you wish for the world?