Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All In A Row...

Altered Tags
**  I am A Tagger Project 2012 **
I was working on these tags last week, as art therapy, for me.  
An "ART HEALING" process. 
I explain how working on a smaller scale 
during times of which, I am not feeling well, is very therapeutic.

If you wish to start from the being of my process
get the full story from beginning to end... enjoy.
We do not always have to be creating something...
 ** spectaculair ** 
gallery ready!

our life is spinning out of control, our time is limited, 
there is no fuel feeding our creative fire, 
 just maybe... we don't feel well enough to make art. 
** That is Life **
It happens to us all! 

For me, that is when the "little things in life" matter most.
I gather up a few simple supplies... 

without any demand or pressure...

I create.

Something "crafty".

I play, reflect, and discover new things about myself.

Knowing that "all storms" come to an end...
leads me to sing a happy tune!

And yes... I am given the strength to spread my wings again.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!