Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

"It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; 
with Time all things are revealed;Time is the father of truth."
Francois Rabelais

How do you wish to spend your time?
I wish...
To engage in the simplicity of life.

My thoughts
No need to be in such a rush...
we might miss out on the little things.
Those just might be the most meaningful moments in our lives.
I wish...
To take the time to talk, laugh, and sing... with family and friends.
To listen to others share their stories;
 gather around and embrace what has been placed in front of me.

Take the time...
To build strong family ties and loving communication;
 give where it has been neglected and nurture where it is needed.
Keep loving friendships close and dear to me; never taken for granted.

Write a note, send a letter, scribble a heart on a piece of scratch paper;
 never thinking I am wasting my time...
telling others how much I care!
I wish...
To enjoy a few of life's simple pleasures...
That are important to me.
A cozy place to snuggle up with my Husband.
 Read a good book, delight in some sweetness...

Enjoy a road trip and making plenty of playtime, 
to indulge in my creativity!

How do you wish to spend your time?