Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Tribute To Mail Art - part 2

John Held Jr.
"I love getting this art in the mail... the mailbox is a museum, 
so this is like going to the opening of a show."
I personally, could not have said it any better...!!
Enjoy this wonderful video.
If you have ever been on the fence about, sending out mail art...
I do hope this video will inspire you, give you new meaning, a purpose...
flat out, encourage you to...  just DO IT!! 

** Create Mail Art **

If you are interested in exchanging your art with John Held Jr.

Thought I would share with you these...
Mail Art Envelopes 

I really enjoy colorful envelopes. So much fun to create!

For trade of coarse... it just isn't mail art without them!

What happy mail art will you be sending?
Happy Thursday!


  1. OMGosh, amazing cards! I love them. Now I am inspired to make some ATCs this weekend:)
    thanks for posting the video!its great:)

  2. Love the envelopes and the cards, gorgeous, take care, Doreen x

  3. So glad I could inspire you, Fran!
    Enjoy creating :]
    Yes, I agree... the video is awesome!!!

  4. Hello Shawn!
    So glad you stopped by for a visit. ((hugs)) :]
    Thank you, glad you like them, give them a try... they are fun!!

  5. Hello Doreen!
    So glad you stopped by for a visit :]
    Thank you, these were fun to create. Nothing like seeing an "artful" envelope in your mailbox!!!
    Take care ((hugs))

  6. Ooh, now I know where I want to have dinner on Wednesday night! How awesome is that?! Great video...what an amazing collection he has...I wish he would open a museum!