Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Tribute To Mail Art - part 2

John Held Jr.
"I love getting this art in the mail... the mailbox is a museum, 
so this is like going to the opening of a show."
I personally, could not have said it any better...!!
Enjoy this wonderful video.
If you have ever been on the fence about, sending out mail art...
I do hope this video will inspire you, give you new meaning, a purpose...
flat out, encourage you to...  just DO IT!! 

** Create Mail Art **

If you are interested in exchanging your art with John Held Jr.

Thought I would share with you these...
Mail Art Envelopes 

I really enjoy colorful envelopes. So much fun to create!

For trade of coarse... it just isn't mail art without them!

What happy mail art will you be sending?
Happy Thursday!