Monday, January 23, 2012

An Addiction...

An ATC addiction, at that!
I know... I just, can not help it.

These tiny pieces of artwork are too hard to resist. 

I just adore creating them...

What is even better, I enjoy swapping / trading them out.
I could be working on a million other things, it is an addiction... 
I had a sudden impulse!
Out of all the bad habits, crazy impulses, and harsh addictions to have...

"This one is mine!"
I should be starting my paintings series.
Went and got all the art supplies I needed...
to start the process, 
engage willfully into the artful journey of painting.

And, then this happened!!! 
I don't feel guilty... not one ounce. 

Just feeling my "mojo" and feeding my "muse".


Listen to your inner voice.
Happy Monday!
A few of these are up for trade!!
Who wishes to Be My Valentine?