Saturday, January 21, 2012

Say Something Nice

If you were given the chance... what would you say?

I would say... "You are an incredible person, you are loved, and...
 deserve to live a happy life!"

* Thought I would share with you this very empowering video. 
  Just image... who this would effect, if only, we said something nice!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Earlier in the week, I shared a riddle with you.
(what is black and white... and red in spots?)
You can read about it here
This creation made it to it's destination safely and I am very happy to say... 
it was excepted with great love and joy!!
And now... I can reveal it to you today.

** My Knitted Mixed-Media Scarf ** 

Happy Birthday
Bonita Rose!!

In honor of Bonita's Birthday, 
she is having a sale of 15% everything in her shop!