Wednesday, May 14, 2014

point of view from a rocking chair...

painting - 
Yes, still is a work in progress. 
This is the same canvas I have been working on, this time from my rocking chair. 
Building layers by applying several of the human senses- see, hear, and touch.
The story is building...
I am drawn inward by the attachment and the emotional display captured 
throughout this canvas. 
A lot of thinking has been worked out here.
I truly enjoy my old rocking chair. 
Old, to me... over a decade. 
Ive moved a few times, traveled from place to place and so has this chair.
My Son put this chair together for me. 
He is not around to tell anyone the story.
He would tell you how much he wanted to anything else, but build this chair. 
Now... that he is deployed overseas, all he wishes is to come back safely and sit in this rocking chair.
Porch to deck. Ive kept it out of the weather. 
This rocking chair has been a favorite to all my kids. 
Now, they are all grown up. 
Now, no one sits in my rocking chair but me. 
I laugh inside, because there was a time... 
I would hear them argue about who gets to sit on it, I sat there first, you had it last time. 
I bet the rocking chair misses that just as much as I do. 
To have a purpose. To know you being there is needed. 
To shelter you during the storm and move you out into the sunlight... because it is the right thing to do.  

I can not deny myself any longer. 
To act or as I would put it... "pretend" so that others can feel comfortable 
is causing me great stress, because it is not me. 
Being unrealistic, lowering my standards, and exceeding my expectations 
is not meeting in the middle. It is all an act leading you down a ONE WAY STREET.
Ending up at a dead end... because you can not be yourself. 
Oh my rocking chair, you and I have a history together. You know me well. 
Many have sat here with you, you are a great listener. 
I look through the transparency of the layers on this canvas.
I see it. I feel it. It is coming together.
** rocking back and forth in my rocking chair is soothing to my soul ** 
The next layer I applied on top of this... blew me away. 
I will save it for a future post. 
all this from my old rocking chair.

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