Thursday, November 10, 2011

Celebrating Life

Day is my
Won't be spending much time in my studio today...
my family has a whole day of surprises waiting for me!!!

I am sure there will be plenty to share with you,
 on tomorrow's post.
* I did manage to create a piece of artwork for *
November Art Every day Challenge
(will post picture tomorrow)

 Off to celebrate and have some fun...

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. happiest birthday to you april! :)

  2. Happy Birthday April!
    May you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday April! Have a joy filled day!

  4. Happy, happy birthday, April! I hope it has been a fantastic day.

  5. Only by chance did I visit here today. Kismet! I was in Value Village and saw a worker in the office supplies section reorganizing and so I asked him if he ever saw any Rolodex cards and he said sometimes but not often and not lately and ever since I spoke with you about the rolodex card swaps I've been looking (2X per week, every week) with no luck. So I went to another section of the store,and then heard on the loudspeaker that if the lady who asked about the rolodex was still in the store to come and get it (he found one) at the front. I zoomed to the front and for $2.99 I got a holder jam pack full of blank 2.25" X 4" cards!! So I would like to swap if you or anyone is interested! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, April! *smiles* Norma

  6. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have a fun day planned!

  7. Happy Birthday dear April! Hugs, Valerie Have a lovely day!

  8. Hope your day was magic April! hugs, can't wait to hear all about it! xo

  9. Thank you everyone... for wishing me a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" *hugs*

  10. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was completely joyous and filled with love!

    Biggest of [{hugs}]