Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AEDM- countdown

This project has almost come to an end, sadly to say!
I have enjoyed the "create art" daily process, tremendously.
It has been a growing experience for me...
and a healing process as well.
To be honest with you...
I have had a horrible month!
 physically, emotionally, mentally, and have been violated in every possible way. 
Above all, verbally abused by my own adult children!
I would have rather crawled under a rock, 
stayed there... till the issues I am dealing with had passed.

creating art everyday, 
something... anything... helped!
To make something "artsy" made me smile.
I couldn't crawl into bed, hide under the sheets...
I needed to get into my art studio, 
be countable for creating art everyday!

 I dusted the inside of the teacup with glitter...
so pretty!

I don't think I am finished painting this teacup.
I am thinking about adding some doodles along the rim.

** ART HEALS... yes it does! **

sneak peek anyone...?

I also, have been working on these ATC's 
for the month of November -art every day-.
Upon finishing this project, I will post the complete set of ATC's.
Only 1 more day to go!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. What a pretty tea cup!!! So glad that you were able to use your art to heal yourself. Our ATC's are really great too :0) Keep up the good work!

  2. you are such a talented artist April.. I am so happy to call u such a great friend... xo hugs.. I know u've had a rough month.. only better from here on end, right? Hugs.. Love to you xo

  3. Sorry you have been having such a bad month. Hope the next one will be better for you! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Thank you, everyone! oxox
    Your words and friendship are treasured always :]