Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Studio Update

Soap, paint, and paper!
colorful painted backgrounds

I really enjoy creating painted background paper.
Just grab a bowl and a straw
fill with water (1/2 way)
squirt some dish soap
apply a few drops of acrylic paint and...

It is that easy. 

Now I have some playful paper to create with.

I've also been working on more
(here is another sneak peak!)

Yes, I have joined several swaps.
So, I will keep you posted to as were these
find a loving home.

Coming soon!
Altered Rolodex Card Project
I will be posting along the way...
this delightful journey of
rolodex cards
with other very talented artist!

I have been putting together a collection of 
paper and "artful"pretties 
for the 
Jen W.
I participated in August.

I really do hope she likes it!
This will be mailed out, this week.

I wanted to share with you these stamps I ordered from

There has been some talk about these
floating around "blog land".

Oh my, these are fantastic!!

The catalog has page...

after page...

of such beautiful stamps that are available.
Definitely something to droll over!
I can not wait to put mine to good use...
I am super excited!!
While on vacation...
I came across this little gift shop.
I was so delighted to see that they carried 
Decorative tape
Cavallini Decorative Paper Tape:
It came in this super, cute tin box...
The tape is beautiful.
I am creating a collage art journal, so this will come in handy!

Up coming projects
Altered Rolodex Cards
ATC Swaps
Collage Art Journal
Enjoy your visit...
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I have those paper tapes and used them for my latest list page here,
    love them!
    see here,

    Love those stamps!

  2. Great stamps- I definitely have to check out their catalog! And I am so going to try that soap bubble backgroun- CUTE!!!

  3. Awesome post! Going to check out that catalog!
    I love the soap bubble background, too.

    Thank you so much for joining my art blog hop and posting the button to your site.
    I enjoy following your blog and find a lot of inspiration in it! :)


  4. Thank you all for visiting!
    Really enjoyed everyone's feedback <3
    I see there is something for everyone here today... fantastic :]
    Yes, Shawn you will have a wonderful time "making bubbles"!!
    I just started my addiction with paper tape, Bonita. Loving every minute of it too :]
    Thanks for the wonderful compliment, Mary! Glad you find my blog inspiring. Also, thank you for the 'BLOG HOP"... your the best <3

  5. I think I see Halloween coming up on some of your tags....That catalog is beautiful, lots of inspiration there. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Rolladex cards. Valerie

  6. I can't wait to see your page with that paper tape...as you know, I love that stuff! :-)