Saturday, September 17, 2011

Altered Rolodex Project

Altered Rolodex Card Project
A wheel of art in your creative space.

The project is in full swing now!
As I am very excited to share with you -my altered rolodex cards.
As I create the artwork to be apply to these cards,
I will post pictures of the completed 
rolodex cards.
As well as share with you.. 
what other talented artist are creating, who are participating 
in swapping these lovely treasures with me.

Created by

Karenann is a fantastic 
collage artist!
Please, visit her site.  
If you wish to own one of her 
lovely collage pieces, swap a rolodex card,
email Karenann with your request!

Altered Rolodex Cards
I created these today.

What will you create?!

The Rolodex Swap
join anytime / leave a comment or email me

Happy Saturday!


  1. I didn't know you had a blog! Just glanced through it and it looks great! I'll be gazing at it more!

  2. I love Karenann's cards! Yours look great, too! My cards are a completely different shape. I wonder how many different styles there are, and if they "work" together in the same Rolodex holders.

  3. Thank you all for visiting, enjoy.
    These are so fun to create, very addictive!!