Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mail Art- A Powerful Movement

if you didn't already know...
I am thrilled about participating in swaps.
Mail Art
Receiving artful treasures created by other artists  
is simply amazing!
Engaging in the same interests...
connecting with other on a creative level...
creating friendships from miles and miles away.

All with the same intentions in mind...
making art
very powerful.

of my favorite swaps 
The Postcard Swaps
I had previously posted about participating 
Hosted by
Kat Sloma
The rules where as followed- 
Send 5 printed postcards of your original artwork
(All the same print or each one different)
In return, you will receive 5 originals from different artists.
How fun is that...?
I decided to print my postcards
from my altered book art series.

I thought adding a boarded gave these postcards
 that extra touch.
Now these can be easily displayed 
for those who receive them. 
In between creating my flip-flap art journal...
which let me tell you, has been so much fun to make!
(I will be binding it together this week and sharing it will everyone)
I will be creating many more
 hand-made books.
I really enjoy creating them!!
I have been on a roll...
Art Swapping that is!
Teresa Hall
The Altered Paper
mixed media crafts
several swaps
join in the fun!
The one that caught my interest 
What a clever idea...
sending a box full of artful goodies!

My theme
Vintage California
old map
vintage postcard
vintage photo 1940's
paper doily
crepe paper-yellow 

set of rubber alphabet stamps
carnival tickets
vintage metal tags
coin envelopes
hand-paint altered tags (variety of sizes)
glitter mix
crafty clothes-pins
vintage paper envelopes
  (hand-made /watercolor)

Those California Dreams...

If you ever thought about a swap...
they are fun
keep your
creative juices flowing.
Don't be shy...
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Your matchbox looks good! I swapped mine with Tee, she is a great girl and always organising wonderful swaps! Valerie

  2. Thank you for the information on the swaps...you have been busy! How did you make prints from your three-dimensional altered book project? I'm not sure my printer would make a good enough copy to even do something like this with my two-dimensional art. Do you think most people take it somewhere to have it done professionally?

  3. I happened to notice this as I was posting a response to Wishcasting! An art swap is something I've always wanted to try (how appropo!).

    I just found this one too, in case you're interested...


    I going to try it! :-) So, happy I saw your post!!

  4. Thank you for sharing April! I love that you send your beautiful art out into the world and collaborate with other artist.

    I also participated in the Liberate Your Art postcard swap and really love meeting and collaborating with other creative souls out there.

    Can't wait to see your beautiful hand made books.

  5. Such fun swaps, wish I was in one of them but I always miss these things, I need time to ponder before I sign up (or set one up)! Love the pear page!

  6. Yes, I am really excited to share my hand made books with everyone! :]
    They are so much fun to create!!

  7. Thanks Hanna, so glad you stopped by for a visit! :]
    Your postcard swaps are always awesome!!
    Take care <3

  8. April Thank You for the Great Post! I received my matchbox, and love it! Gorgeous! And thanks for all the goodies tucked inside! Hugs,Tee