Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flip Flap Flurry...

Say that 3 times fast!
Always got to make art fun.

Flip-Flap Art Journal

This art journal 
is being created from 
reusable mini paint brochures from the hardware store.
Working with a smaller space... can be a challenge, all in itself!
Once again...
I declared a playful space for me to create.
(love doing this, gets me right in the creative mood)
Painted the brochures with gesso.
the process begins!

Over the weekend I will be working on the journal prompts...
I am having such a wonderful time creating these!

Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration,
and a pinch of creativity.
~Bo Bennett

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I am looking out now for nice prospects so that I can try this, too; love what you have made! Valerie

  2. I have stacks of those paint chips, make sure you post up the end result.

  3. They look great- I especially like the one with the heart. So what size is this? I got some smaller brochures too when I picked up the big ones. Are you doing the mystery envelope swap this time? I'm trying for the first time- very excited. Keep up the great art- you're very inspiring to me :)

  4. Thank you, Valerie.
    As creative as you are... this is right up your alley! :]

  5. No worries, Sarah... I will post the end result!
    So glad you stopped by for a visit :]

  6. Hey, Shawn!
    So glad you stopped by for this post :]
    These are 5" x 5". These are great!
    They open up in the middle, what fun... huh?!
    How wonderful, you joined a swap!
    You will get hooked, trust me. They help keep you inspired during the "dry spells".
    Not this time, I will be doing the ATC swap she is having.
    Thank you for all your sweet comments.

  7. what a fun idea! Working small scale always intimidates me... so I need to do more of it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. so inspiring in parts; the whole will DEFINITELY be amazing!

  9. Thank you, everyone!
    I encourage all to try this. :]
    Working with a small space really tests your artist skills.
    But hey... we all need to be challenged sometimes.
    It creates inspiration !! <3