Monday, September 5, 2011

Paper Pockets

There is nothing I enjoy more than...
creating something out of nothing!

Why not, right?
Why not look around your creative space 
gather up things that you already have laying around.

Put it to good use!
Get creative and productive!
Make Art

We all are guilty of it!
Art and craft supplies not being used.
Scraps of paper, pretty enough to save... 
but not applied to anything.
Stickers, stamps, and tape...
we droll over, that get stuck in a drawer, never used!
Now imagine...
we step away from that.
We can be as playful as we want!
No boundaries... just creativity.

What would you create?!

Paper Pockets

Though I would share a few of my favorites!

Now... to stuff these pockets with 

Here is a sneak-peek on on of my latest

Explore your creative space...
use your art supplies
make something out of 
Have a wonderful Monday!