Thursday, September 8, 2011

Collage Art Journal Project

It is in full swing!!
Get ready 
to watch the process and see how this project unfolds.

As I share this wonderful journey 
Collage Art

I will sharing along the way...
 *my pages*
*thoughts about the process*
 *techniques applied*
 *materials used*
*resources used for the project*

I have a number of blank art journals 
sitting on my book shelf...
So I thought that would be a great place to start!

This is the one I will be using for my
Collage Art Journal
Fabriano Artist Journal

I just love the colored pages... it makes a great jump start!

acrylic paint
scrap paper
making tape
UHU glue stick
puffy paint
ink and stamp
cloth flower
tickets collected from Washington State

I also purchased this book from 
It was used, but in excellent condition from the seller!!
I had heard nothing but great reviews on this book
 I am looking forward to exploring it for myself.

Happy Thursday!