Monday, September 12, 2011

Blogging Thoughful Tips

What I have learned along the way...
As Monday approached, I thought of the artwork, I had been working on, over the weekend.
I was very excited and willing to share, with my readers... my photos, upcoming projects / swaps, 
and "mail art'" that have been arriving in my mailbox!
I realized that by having a blog, networking with others, and building relationships, has become a huge part of "why" I make art. I want to be more productive, offer more of myself, and share with others the same common interests. (people how wish to freely express themselves, through art, without judgement)
That is a very powerful movement in itself!!

Of coarse, I am driven by my own passion to by creative, but we all need to be inspired!
To be creatively driven by others! 
This is why I post...
I long to read the comments that are posted, after I have created something I am excited about, a project I am starting, or one I have participated in. 
Leaving a comment is important! It gives me direction. 
I might not always post what I am thinking about, as I am working on a project... 
feedback can be very helpful. 
Encouragement is always needed, who wants to be wasting there time at something that no one is interested in but myself. 
Yes I am an individual, but when others are interested... we can help encourage each other to think more creatively. Building momentum and creating excitement... now that is having fun!!

I read more posts, than comment...
Yes... I am guilty of this as well!
There are hundreds of incredible, fantastic, inspiring blogs/sites out there.  
If I was to comment one every single one, every single day... that would leave me no time to create.
I would be drained!!
To tell you the truth... I will visit tons of blogs/sites throughout the day but don't always leave a comment. 
There just isn't enough time in the day. 
I will take a sneak-peek, find something that sparks my inspiration... and away I go!!
But know... I will return to visit and leave a comment from time to time to let you know...
I am here and that I adore your posts as well.
I do know the importance of leaving a comment, and I know how much they are valued. 

Willingness to share...
We all start somewhere!
 I wish to leave you with some useful tips I have gathered up long the way.
* be yourself!!
* if you have a hobby, start a blog
* write about something that you love
* talk directly to your readers
* use a name or title that is easy to remember
* customize your blog template 
* blog with consistency!
* proofread your posts
* content is queen!
* keep in simple and clean
* photos are important ( more the better)
* use tags
* use "feedburner"
* write "how to" articles
* share what you have worked on or not worked on, it's okay!
* ask questions to your readers
* interact with other bloggers
* make it easy for visitors to contact you 
* create value for your readers
* leave comments
* return comments
* return links, mention your sources or references
* link to other blogs as often as possible

Wishing everyone... off to a great week.
Happy Monday!!