Monday, September 12, 2011

Blogging Thoughful Tips

What I have learned along the way...
As Monday approached, I thought of the artwork, I had been working on, over the weekend.
I was very excited and willing to share, with my readers... my photos, upcoming projects / swaps, 
and "mail art'" that have been arriving in my mailbox!
I realized that by having a blog, networking with others, and building relationships, has become a huge part of "why" I make art. I want to be more productive, offer more of myself, and share with others the same common interests. (people how wish to freely express themselves, through art, without judgement)
That is a very powerful movement in itself!!

Of coarse, I am driven by my own passion to by creative, but we all need to be inspired!
To be creatively driven by others! 
This is why I post...
I long to read the comments that are posted, after I have created something I am excited about, a project I am starting, or one I have participated in. 
Leaving a comment is important! It gives me direction. 
I might not always post what I am thinking about, as I am working on a project... 
feedback can be very helpful. 
Encouragement is always needed, who wants to be wasting there time at something that no one is interested in but myself. 
Yes I am an individual, but when others are interested... we can help encourage each other to think more creatively. Building momentum and creating excitement... now that is having fun!!

I read more posts, than comment...
Yes... I am guilty of this as well!
There are hundreds of incredible, fantastic, inspiring blogs/sites out there.  
If I was to comment one every single one, every single day... that would leave me no time to create.
I would be drained!!
To tell you the truth... I will visit tons of blogs/sites throughout the day but don't always leave a comment. 
There just isn't enough time in the day. 
I will take a sneak-peek, find something that sparks my inspiration... and away I go!!
But know... I will return to visit and leave a comment from time to time to let you know...
I am here and that I adore your posts as well.
I do know the importance of leaving a comment, and I know how much they are valued. 

Willingness to share...
We all start somewhere!
 I wish to leave you with some useful tips I have gathered up long the way.
* be yourself!!
* if you have a hobby, start a blog
* write about something that you love
* talk directly to your readers
* use a name or title that is easy to remember
* customize your blog template 
* blog with consistency!
* proofread your posts
* content is queen!
* keep in simple and clean
* photos are important ( more the better)
* use tags
* use "feedburner"
* write "how to" articles
* share what you have worked on or not worked on, it's okay!
* ask questions to your readers
* interact with other bloggers
* make it easy for visitors to contact you 
* create value for your readers
* leave comments
* return comments
* return links, mention your sources or references
* link to other blogs as often as possible

Wishing everyone... off to a great week.
Happy Monday!!


  1. Hi April,

    This is great! Love the photos you added.
    I know it is difficult to keep up with all of this and create new work! Thanks for the tips.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and artwork!!!

  3. hiya april. excellent post, very connective... thank you much for sharing! blest be :)

  4. wonderful post.. I too struggle with leaving comments.. I do try though.. cuz I know how valuable they are... I believe in leaving comments whenever I can... usually at the same time I am there, i find if i don't right then, I won't later.. know what I mean? It honestly only does take a minute..
    great post! hugs xo

  5. Thank you all for visiting & leaving your thoughts and comments. I am glad "I am not alone" on this subject :]
    Just thought I would share my thoughts on blogging.

  6. You are exactly right! You have inspired me to be a better "commenter". I too get caught up in wanting to read as many blogs as possible, I neglect to comment. Note to self from April: COMMENT!

    Thank you!

  7. Yes, indeed... must leave comment!
    We all need to know we are loved, out there in "blogland" :]

  8. I think you make a very important point. If I take the time to read through a whole post, then I feel like I should make a comment so the writer knows that I was there! When I find myself breezing through blogs, too tired to form the words for a comment, then I know it's time to stop blog hopping and go get some rest!