Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paint Paper Paste

Collage Art Journal Project

I've started working on a few pages in the journal.
The paper is Fabriano
192 plain pages

When I was thinking about starting this project, 
I wanted to use art materials that I already had available.
That is what lead me to using 
a sketch book I had on my book shelf.
The paper is made of good quality
has texture, which gives it a bit of tooth.
I did notice...
it is fairly thin paper
and does wrinkle with wet media.
This does become a bit of a challenge,
I will work through it since I will
be using the pages for collage as the main platform.
This should be interesting!
The one thing I do love about this journal is the size.
An 6" x 8", 
which makes is comfortable to carry
 just the right amount of space to play with!
I have a feeling the art journal is going to become bulky...
I am okay with that, so far.
As I get towards the back of the journal...
things could get interesting!

acrylic paint
scrap paper
vintage paper
geometric print
masking tape
painter's tape
UHU stick glue
Happy Tuesday!