Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Creative Process...

This is my take on it -  "I am always growing!"

Whether is it taking a chance, believing in myself worthiness, having the courage to step beyond the boundaries, exploring new territories, discovering new challenges, or setting forth to reach as high as the sky! I am growing... my roots are strong.
Wishing you all growth, in your creative process.

Enjoy growing... enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Hear hear!! I'm feeling a bit better today !! Yeah!! Going to the post office on the morning!! :) -she giggled....

  2. Yep! I totally believe that we're always growing , its what gives the soul its life experience.: )

  3. That was just beautiful. So glad you shared it!! Reminds me why I spend so much time hiking too!

  4. So glad... everyone stopped by for a visit. :]
    This video is so moving, so inspiring... just had to share.
    It reveals a fantastic perspective on "growth". <3