Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Call for Paper Stacks

Is hosting 
an online collaboration of 
artist's and their stacks!!
There is over 80+ artists 
who have signed up to participate in this project.

Stacks of what... you might be asking?
Anything paper, that stacks up in their studios.
Sounds exciting... right?!

Here is what is stacking up in my art studio.


and more books...

Painted Papers
Handmade Journals

Stacking ATC's

Artful Tags

and of course...
altered corrugated cardboard tags!


I do hope you enjoyed my tour of paper stacks!
That it has in some way, inspired you to start stacking it up...
Be creatively messy!
Please, do not forget...
to check out what the other participating artists are stacking up
in their studio.

Happy Wednesday!!