Thursday, November 18, 2021

My Paint Book

It is like no other... 

Well, at least that is how I feel about mine.

Reason being; I have worked (processed) art play in the form of "art journaling". 

Which I strongly believe this term "art journaling" has evolved over time with artists. Now these pages are becoming works of art, as a result, 

leaving out the bad and the ugly... only revealing the "good". 

The whole concept of "working through", playing with mediums, making MANY mistakes is disregarded. 

Process art is eliminated! 

It has become "THE PRODUCT"  or perhaps an illusion of "THE PRETTY PAGE". 


No worries, this is me, just rambling on with my thoughts... 

I am not imposing my beliefs on anyone.

I am guilty of this as well. 

Trust me, I love a "pretty" page too! 

As a result, I decided to make up my on rules, sorta speak.

Work strictly with a subject I dislike the most - still life. 

Paper - Purchased an acrylic pad with in/out pages.

Use only one medium - acrylics 

Below, are some of those pages... small clips (a tease!).

I wish to share with you all. 

I have defiantly learned some new things about me, as an artist. As a creator. 
Not all of the artwork, did I stick to the rules I placed on myself. There is a reason why... 
Art is a process and I processed a lot along the way. 
I am super excited to share with you all the art, go over the process, and talk over all 
I encountered while working through these painted pages.
Explain my "WHY" I call this collection of work my paint book. 
Just a few more blank papers I need to paint. 
Wish me the best, I will reveal this as a completed project VERY soon! 

Till then... you too, enjoy the "process" of art. 


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