Tuesday, November 16, 2021

How To Tell An Altered Book Story 101

 Let Us Begin...

Make no jugement. Do not get too attached. 
Decided if the book is possible to alter.
    Perhaps read a few pages... get to know the story. 
Peel the signatures from the spine... 
Remember you will give this book a whole new meaning. 
Don't drowned yourself in too much thought... 
Remind yourself, you are not preparing this for the Queen. 
Process your creative play without leaking any self doubt!
Lead with the heart.
Have fun and don't let anything slow you down.
Take a DEEP breath or maybe two!! 
Don't EVER be fooled by what you see... 
Grab yourself a cup of tea. The end is almost near.. 

Hope you enjoyed the story!
This inspires you to alter an old book.
To work through the process... 
create new life to an abandoned, unloved book. 

(for this altered-book mixed-media project)
1- used book
card-stock paper
tags (shipping tags)
painted papers - my personal studio collection 
collage elements - personal collection 
paper stencils - my personal hand-crafted stencils
rubber stamps (Roben-Marie collection) 
washi tape (unknown)
matte medium (adhesive) 
acrylic paints (Liquitex Basics)
oil pastels (Portfolio Series) 

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