Thursday, March 13, 2014

Creating a Triptych

mini tutorial 
I am super excited to share this project with you! 
Actually, this is my very FIRST attempt to creating a triptych. 
Our Facebook group The Studio - artist community  is having an event- Triptych Swap.
This swap is being hosted by a one of our dedicated member's, Artist Diana Darden who decided on having participants create a triptych with a Spring theme. 

Let us begin... 
1. download on card-stock, this template Triptych
2. using corrugated cardboard, cut out shape. 
 3. apply layers of acrylic paint. add depth and texture using stencils.
4. using rubber-stamp images on coffee stained paper as accents to embellish the theme.
5. position your images; once you are happy with the arrangement, apply craft glue.
6. note: this triptych is required to have BOTH sides fully crafted. 
paper dollies are applied with matte medium. once dry, apply layers of acrylic paint for dimension.
7. the door hinges are carefully hand-sewn together using embroidery floss. 
triptych project complete!
enjoy the tutorial.

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