Monday, March 31, 2014


Here is super fun way, to combine the elements we simply love to create and collect
into these artful tags.
Come along with me... I will show you how.   
arrows can be punched/precut from a stencil using painted papers, collage, or paper scraps from previous projects.  
steps to achieve this tag: 
first coat applied gesso ( black)
applied acrylic paint (white) then sanded a little to bring out the black background.
stencil in circle shapes using waterproof pen/marker.
paint stencil (question mark) charcoal edges.
glued confetti arrows using a UHU stick. 
steps to achieve tag two:
follows the same process as listed above, with a few added techniques and mediums. 
gesso, white paint/sand - add a third layer using a neutral color. 
stencil (circles) applied using acrylic paint. 
collage image source - HERE
- altered image adding colored pencils/watercolor 
(glue image using a matte medium) 
- applied a (black) trim (pitt pen) around arrow and distressed the edges (distress ink) 
washi tape added. 
there you have it... have fun with your collection of confetti. 

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