Monday, January 6, 2014

updates from the studio!

I am now a designer for an ** incredible ** team!
I have joined up with some of the most talented, creative artist's ever.
I am HONORED and SUPER EXCITED to explore the possibilities that are in front of me…
EAGER to explore, create, and inspire others with the art projects I produce. 

CHEERS TO… Altered Pages

CHEERS TO… "making happy art!" 

CHEERS FOR… having the faith and confidence in me as an artist & designer. 

Art Badge
What better way to celebrate than to create an Art Badge for this occasion?
- using a collage image from
- corrugated cardboard
- paper streamer, ribbons, embroidery floss, and strings
- acrylic paints
- glue (amazing GOOP)

You can find more information about
me and the other Design Team Members of Altered Pages  HERE


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