Wednesday, January 1, 2014


:: one word :: can mean so much….
my beliefs
my self worth
my purpose 
my call to action
my mission

Last year 2013- I choose "embrace" 
I knew I was up against a lot of new changes, planning our move out of state. 
Hopping this one little word embrace would serve me well, keep me focused.
To embrace the new challenges and changes I would face. 
Honestly, no matter how hard I worked within my means… 
this one word "embrace" was not the focal point of my world! 
By "embracing" events that have taken place in my life, I have been fooling myself into a lifestyle that is completely, very difficult for me.
Creating a false idea, "everything is going to work out, just need time to adjust, and I will acclimate to my surroundings." 
Meanwhile, I am being misread by others who claim to be concerned or care. 
Yes, I wrote "claim". 
Because I BELIEVE if one is to care… they would understand that, these changes are difficult and somewhat unbearable for someone suffering with a chronic illness.
One with no cure, have a difficult time with treatment of medications, have no control over the symptoms, and when Fibromyalgia decides to play out my day.
EMBRACE might have been a wonderful word for me… misread by everyone else! 

I welcome my word-  "define" for 2014.

I leave you with this link to an article on the subject of "decide" fantastic read:

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