Thursday, December 19, 2013

journal spread

:: twas the night before christmas ::
wishing you all the gift of love and compassion this season.  

This will wrap up my year. 
Taking a much needed Blog and Art Studio break. 

:: CAUTION :: 
what you are about to read is straight from the heart 
Many life changing experiences have accrued and I am still struggling 
with the adjustments.
The lack of support, false boundaries, and compassion I am experiencing have consumed my everyday living and created an unbearable, heartbreaking lifestyle for me...
which I would have never dreamed would happen. 
Forcing me to adjust, is not a solution for me. 
I feel abandon and betrayed by those who claimed to understand, some (once) close to my heart, on what the effects / medical issues Fibromyalgia can have upon me. 
Once again... mislead by frustration. 
Me, I battle & defend everyday a disease I can not control. 
Ending results are:
"Thank you, Fibromyalgia for taking away another part of my life!" 
"Thank you, once again for the confusion, causing the unexplainable to others to react in a cruel matter!" 
"Thank you, once again... for NOT making me LOOK SICK, allowing others to place judgement on my appearance!" 
People need to take responsibilities for their actions. 
Allowing others to influence someone I love, unacceptable. 
I have exhausted myself... any hope of salvaging this, uncertain. 
Productive creating is impossible, while I am in this emotional state.
Trust me... it is very hard to break me down, for I believe art heals. 

I am in search of gathering and restoring myself.
See you all in 2014. 
thank you all for continuous support through my artful journey!


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