Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12 Days of Christmas...

:: art challenge ::
12 days of Christmas crafts, cooking, and "cheer!"

:: day 12 ::
art dolls gifts 
uniquely crafted from repurposed/recyclable materials.
These girlies didn't even have a chance to make them-self at home in my art studio, 
with the support of others... these art dolls were SOLD within an hour. 

:: day 11::
altered domino accordion book 
The inspiration for this project was gathered from a member of our group

artist- Edie Cournoyer

:: day 10 ::
Christmas Carabo 
This fun project was created with thrift-store findings and recyclable materials.

:: day 9 ::
aluminum angel 
This was a fun and challenging ornament to create,what a great art piece... 
used an embossing templet, soda can, and a vice from the garage. 

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