Tuesday, April 23, 2013

story board- journal spread

:: level 6 ::
I am often asked this question," How do you feel today ? "
 I am a level 6
 (level six is on good day, which comes rarely) 
Interesting that I have to describe myself by a number...
 if you have ever been treated for pain, you are familiar with seeing this chart. 
I suffer from chronic pain, daily. 
The doctors can not get a handle on it!
 They can not find a solution, by "masking" the systems.
I am highly sensitive to medication, so treatment is difficult. 
How do I distract myself from suffering on a day to day bases ?? 
I let the story be told...
pull out the paints, collect my thoughts, and piece together what I wish to convey. 
 The base of this journal spread is created on a story board, layers of acrylic paints,
modeling paste, and stencils-(for background effect). 
say hello to level 6... how are you feeling today? 


  1. I am with you 6,8,10 is my life I never see the others :( but I think you learn to live with it (which is a shame) I think if some one who doesn't suffer had to live with our no 6 it would be off the chart for them. Any way lets not dwell on it lets do ART and I love the page you have created to interpret this. Dxx

    1. Hello Dawn
      Thank you for your "pick-me-up" thoughts... art away indeed! ~xx
      Enjoy your visit. Love your company, always :]

  2. oh April... i feel for you. Other than the occasional migraine, i NEVER have physical pain, so i cannot imagine waking up feeling this way. Love how your art (and the white face) gives the pain a picture. Be kind to yourself... xox

    1. Hello Pauline
      Thank you for stopping by, love your company... ~xx
      Enjoy the painting ,my dear friend.
      Love your support.

  3. Beautiful painting! Being creative helps me overcome my pains, too! Valerie

    1. Hello Valerie
      THANK YOU!! :]
      Enjoy your visit & the painting... ~xx

  4. April, sorry about what you are going through...that can't be easy. I am like Pauline in that I can't relate to something I haven't experienced...other than a few aches and pains related to aging. Keep painting and knock number 6 down...an artistic smackdown !!!

    1. Hello!! :]
      Thank you for stopping by, love your company ~xx
      An artistic smack-down, is right!! ((LOL))

  5. April, I am sorry that you suffer this way. I don't have chronic pain or illness but I am highly empathetic. That you funnel your pain into art and don't complain speaks volumes. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Be well and shine on. Your such an inspiration to all of us.

    1. Hello Kim
      Your thoughts & prayers are appreciated...

  6. A fabulous painting. I agree, art can be so therapeutic. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you, April. Jx

  7. I'm so sorry your pain burdens you on a daily basis April. I knew you had your rough spells but day to day is just awful. I've never seen that scale before but do it instinctively with my migraines. It seems to help my husband understand. I'm glad that you have an outlet for your pain, one that shares so much beauty with the world. I'm sorry it has to come at such a price and hope one day that won't be the case. Hugs to you my friend. xx