Monday, April 15, 2013


:: my sketchbook :: 
Here are some of my sketches out of my sketchbook.
I am thrilled to announce... " I am half way through the challenge! "

:: 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge ::
 Let me share with you, what I have discovered so far -
** I can sketch an object in less time, then when I started.
** I look for shapes, shading, and details.
** none of them are perfect. 
**  a few of these drawings I think, belong right in the trash.
**  I am excited to document an event; to draw a quick sketch.
** a pocket size sketchbook works well for me; goes everywhere.
** I am falling in love with my sketchbook. 
"To draw is to make a shape and movement in time." 
Stuart Davis


  1. Congrats April on making it halfway through! It's not easy to make time for it every day, but sooo worth it .... Love all the different themes in your sketches!

    1. Hello Denise
      Thank you!
      Love your support and encouragement. ~xx
      Enjoy your visit. :]

  2. Love your sketches April... they are all beautiful... and love that you are falling in love with your sketchbook... this is such an inspiriting challenge...

    Jenny ♥

    1. Hello Jenny
      THANK YOU!! Love the support... :]

      YES!! it is wonderful to fall in love, with your sketchbook.
      ** not to long ago, I steered away from keeping my sketchbook with me at all times.
      NOW!! I couldn't imagine myself without it (( LOL ))

  3. I've so been enjoying your sketches April. I haven't been playing along...yet. But sketching is something I need to re-learn, re-open to. I have a trip coming up soon and am thinking that a sketchbook may be all the art supplies I take. I already bought a journal with both lined and blank pages. You've inspired me with your beauty xx

    1. Hello Lorinda
      THANK YOU! ~xx
      So wonderful to read, how inspire you are... "GREAT" you will have fun with it on your travels. :]

  4. i've got to hand it to you, those month long challenges are tough. You're work is fantastic! half way there April! love these pages, Fran Txo

    1. Hello Fran! :]
      Thank you... love your encouragement, always. ~xx
      Enjoy your visit.

  5. Such amazing sketches, April. You have such talent.