Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Three Wise Men...

 :: let the story be told ::
in this case... "The Three Wise"- paintings of women.
There is no relation to these paintings, for they are not Kings...
but hold the same purpose and traveled the same path.
:: Guided ::
 Following instinct 
and looking for a miraculous event from deep within, is what has taken place.
While working on these paintings...
 I was "behind the scenes" planning, creating, designing  something very special.

:: For You! ::

Like The Three Wise Men, offering their precious gifts... so do these paintings. 
  • Painting #1 - War Paint  
I write about "putting on your face". To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best, to make you follow what they believe is the way...
  • Painting #2 - Dig Deep  
I talk about a very personal subject, from deep down inside, "reach out, reach in".
Reaching for my paints as a means of escape, healing myself through art. 
To dig so deep... to reach out further that I thought possible and to be able to gain  
pure, raw, contentment over simply making art... is absolutely liberating! 
  • Painting #3 - I AM
I emphasize on "marching to the beat of my own drum". I do not work at being something I am not... I AM ME. With this in mind, I do not follow the crowd and even tho I have much to share, others are not always interested... unless they are the star of the show.
NO THANK YOU, NOT FOR ME!  I am not in it for the fame, but for the love of art. 

:: gifts I bring ::
What are the gifts I offer...? 

 :: online "private" community :: 
You need a Facebook account to join.
Add your name to the group. 
Take a moment to read over the "AGREEMENT"  Doc. under the Files tab at the top.
The Studio is  a "virtual" art community center.

That is the "guts" of this private group. 

I wish for you to thrive as an artist within the group, 

as well as for this to be a resource hub. 
Teaming up, with an incredible artist, so that we can meet the needs of the group.
There is much more to come!
Will take place on the 1st of the New Year. 
This gives me a little wiggle room, but you are welcome to sign up now
and get comfortable, meet others, and just say "Hello!".

:: the studio - thriving artist gallery :: 
If you have art to sell 
we want to see it... we want to be supportive... we want to buy it. 
Within this supportive community, you will get the chance 
to have a "virtual" showing. 
Dont know where to begin, how to set things up, 
or create beautiful layouts of your work...?
The community is here to help. 

:: live chat :: 
This is where we get to know each other more personally. 
Have art play dates.
Show and tell.

It is going to be incredible... I can not wait! 
Yes, this definitely was a "wise" decision.
Looking forward to seeing you in The Studio. 



  1. Sounds like a great idea, I wish you a lot of success! Your pictures are amazing, as usual! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Inspirational ladies to be sure! I clicked through and sent a request to join but didn't see the 'file' tab to read the requirements. Maybe after I'm accepted? Anyway, this is a great idea and I'm eager to see how it works... I hope it's fabulously successful!

    1. Hello Terrie
      Great, your in... you can now read the "AGREEMENT" doc. :]
      Welcome to The Studio ~xx

  3. Awwww, I don't do FaceBook...this sounds like an excellent idea. Love the different faces!!!

  4. You've been busy! Sounds like an amazing idea, and what wonderful gifts you bring. I don't do Facebook, though...but I wish you lots of success with it!

    1. Hello Cat!
      Yes I have... :]
      Thank you, for your encouragement. ~xx

  5. Three wise and beautiful women, April!
    What a great idea - hope it all works well for you.

  6. ooo this is delightful. I will definitely be signing up!

    And you're art work is amazing. particularly because it is to the beat of your own drum.