Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thoughts Behind Paper Backgrounds...

When it comes to paper, I really find to hard not to claim it as my own!
The simple fact is, there is nothing more satisfying than 
creating your very own painted paper backgrounds.
I get a really sense, that a part of "me" is going into the work... elements are important!
When I really wish to "bring feeling" to my art, 
working on crafting my own paper backgrounds, is well worth the outcome.
(accomplishing the feeling I am projecting is real, visual)
To claim it as your own,  is a great accomplishment, that all creators seek.

** Acrylic Paints and Oil Pastels **

 Is is the simple elements that make our artwork, original.
I will be using these painted papers to create 
Row Houses
I will post the finished project, I am excited to share...

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. oh April, these are SO much fun!! i especially love the second one (the blue & lime green one) They're just such gorgeous colors... (you know me with the blue again!) Can't wait to see what you do with these in "Row houses"... :-) xoxo

    1. Thank you, Pauline! :]
      So glad you enjoyed your visit here today.
      Have fun...

  2. Your papers are gorgeous...I love that first photo with the four designs together! Must be something in the air, tho...I painted background papers today, too :)

    1. How wonderful!!
      Love to see yours... it must be the Spring fever (LOL)
      I agree, Cat... I like the first photo too.
      Having the pile of designed papers in the photo, makes them very pleasing to the eyes. :]
      Fun stuff, enjoy your visit!

  3. Beautiful papers! This is something I also ove doing; playing with paper and paints is a very satisfying thing! Hugs, Valerie

  4. i never really do it am too focused on the outcome! What a fabulous idea :) Love them and can't wait to see the Row houses :)

    1. Thank you...
      I look forward to sharing them! :]
      I was going to just use scrap paper, but like I stated... this makes the project personal.
      I did see several videos, on ROW HOUSES and that was what was being used (scrap paper).

  5. Oh I love these April, I too love making papers. There is something about the circle that is so pleasing, brings a smile to me face, thanks for the lift.

    1. Hi Kate!
      Thank you, glad I could bring a smile to your day ((hugs))

  6. Must admit I've never made backgrounds/papers. I always just make a background as I need it. This would be a great lesson (another one) in learning to just play and see what happens. Thanks so much April! Can't wait to see the gorgeousness you make with these!! xx

    1. A must try, Lorinda!!! :]
      Creating your own paper background, is fantastic!
      You could create, store, and use when needed... there really fun. :]
      Yes, I will be posting pictures of the ROW HOUSES asap.

  7. Your papers are fabulous - so bright and vibrant. I particularly like the bottom one. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

    1. Hello, Jackie :]
      Thank you for your sweet comments...
      I have really enjoy hearing, about which one everyone likes... so interesting, I love it!
      Yes, I am looking forward to showing everyone the ROW HOUSES too.
      Thought it would be a good idea, to show the process.
      To give a idea or spark inspiration to others, on what to use with your painted papers.
      They are pretty, now what... so I thought ROW HOUSES would be my project to come.
      Having so much fun...

  8. Gorgeous painted backgrounds, April! Look at those bold colors and designs. I can't wait to see your Row Houses!

  9. Gorgeous papers! Two of my favorite things...bright, happy colors and circles.

  10. This is just lovely!! Can I ask what kind of paper you use to make this?? (you can email me at scrappymarjo at gmail dot com!!)